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fox news alert. we just received tape of an extraordinary interview with the father of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombings. two suspected terrorists. their father, who was here in the united states and was described as a neighbor -- by a neighbor as a nice guy, not radicalized in any way, is now back in russia according to our information and has sat down and given an interview. that interview is, i believe, in russian. it is in a foreign language. and we are now translating it. i can see videotape of the father and we're translating and it will put
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>> megyn: what we have heard so far today, and everybodying trying to fir out who these two guys are. what we heard focused on the older brother who is now dead, tamerlan, and the traveled overseas to russia. traveled in the last six months was the latest information. what a student at bunker hill community college but dropped out. the father of a three-year-old girl. the older son. seven years older than the younger brother. dzhokar, who is still at large,
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and somebody who is relatively normal, relatively well-liked, welltively ingrained in society, well liked by friends in school, and turned him into somebody who can drop the bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old? >> seems inexplicable but we'll be hearing from behavioral scientists and specialists as the pieces of the puzzle put together as to what happened in both of their lives. perhaps their could be a hero syndrome. hero worship, and the younger brother fell under the spell of the heavily radicalized older brother. >> is there any way these two pulled this off by themselves? >> yes. yes. >> megyn: you don't rule out the
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notion these are two lone wolves working together, not connected to anybody else or anything else. no as an outsider from the investigation but having experience, no, wouldn't rule out anything. on one end of the spectrum you could have a plausible scenario where the older brother traveled, then sought training, received the training, and maybe even some control or tasking. on the other end of the spectrum, like we have seen a lot after 9/11, you have young men that fall into the potent and toxic spell of al qaedaism and essentially self-recruit and it's easy to go on the internet and put these devices together. so you have those two edges of the spectrum, completely they bought in themselves, or the other end where through might be control. so those are the kind of things that will come together quickly. >> megyn: why did they succeed where others failed? we have seen attempted bombings on the united states. the underwear bomber in detroit.
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the guy in times square in the middle of trying to detonate his bomb when member said there's smoke. but they failed. and there was a lead on a lot others who we stopped. how did these two -- i don't know if they're chechneyaan immigrants how did they succeed and others failed? >> you speak to a point -- i know in this drama, if we take a step back and realize the phenomenal record of the american security apparatus in knost -- the post-9/11 attacks where most attacks didn't happen or failed. the goal will continue to be for american security and allies 100% effectiveness. only takes one sucker punch by committed measurers, criminals like this, who happen to be effective. >> megyn: it's disturbing. as american citizens we want to figure out where things went
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wrong so we do better the next time, without casting any judgment own those charged with protecting us because they do their best in that regard. you look at this and the answer isn't readily apparent now, bob, in terms of, they say there was no chatter. if there was no chatter, there was nothing to detect. maybe he took an overseas triche -- trip but maybe to russia. we granted the kid citizenship after giving him asylum but doesn't 'sound like we have reason to suspect there was cause not to too that. they put these bombs together with materials you can get easily. we have a bomb expert saying you can make it in under an hour for under $150, and what attention is it going to cause if you go and buy a pressure cooker one place and go to home depot and get some nails. none. so all of this is under the radar, which is very disconcerting. >> it is, but taking a positive that has been our record from even before 9/11, when i talk
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about the collective we, american security and private industry, myself, my company, we're going to derive lessons learned from this tragedy. like, for example, better methods of big event protection and crowd control. and something else too. my former information, ncis was a pioneer in the threat mitigation unit. it's special agents working hand in hand with behavioral specialist that look for preindicators of violent activity. now, am i suggesting that's a pan pan -- >> megyn: if the online postings pan out, and they -- i've looked at them and they're disturbing and they are -- they sound like jihaddist prop began damp.
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-- propaganda. we now have the father. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly but they did. they framed them and then they were so coward live they shot the boy dead. there are policemen like that. i can't reach anyone. i don't know about my children. i'm scared for my boy. that they will shoot him dead, too, somewhere. and then they'll just said he had weapons. where can he get weapons for god's sake? they're picking them up at rubbish dumps, those weapons, or what? i'm scared for my son, for his life. they should arrest him. bring him alive. alive. the judicial system should investigate everything, who is right and who is guilty. >> megyn: wow. and you can only hope that his son, dzhokar, sees that and listens to his father. and goes and turns him in so he can remain alive. because otherwise this may not end well.
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you know, what more can the authorities do other than plead with him, and urge him to turn himself in. the uncle saying earlier, you should also be asking for forgiveness. if that young man is listening to broadcast television today his father wants him to remain alive and sounds like he still believes in his son, and that may count for something for this man, and his options right now, as he evaluates whether more lives should be taken before this comes to a conclusion. my colleague, bill, is live in boston as he has been since the horrific events of monday that put this tale into motion, and here we stand on friday. literally, happened at almost exactly this time five days ago, and we appear close to but not yet at a resolution. >> it is remarkable to me how many family members directly
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connected to these two men live in north america. an aunt in canada. an uncle in maryland, sister in new jersey. while that's happening we're getting an update now the boston red sox postponed their game. the heart of the city. we're getting update from dartmouth where the suspect number two is said to be a student. it will be closed again on saturday, and this is the official release from the school. all students should evacuate campus immediately. and those who do not have transportation off campus should proceed immediately to lot one where they will be transported to a secure location at dartmouth high school where accommodations are being made for them there. the concern there would be that if this guy is on the run, if he has slapped the noose in cambridge, massachusetts, he is looking for people he can hang out with and hide out with, and if he was a student at that school, he knows people town there, and not taking any chance to allow him to take refuge down there, just like they told the residents of watertown,
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massachusetts to stay inside. if anybody comes buy and knocks on the door, don't answer the door. all this developing. let's bring you up to date now. a little after 3:00 on the east coast. it appears one suspect in the boston marathon terror attacks is still on the run. throughout this hour you'll see this phone number on the right side of the screen if you see that suspect, fbi agents want you to call them, 1- 1-800-call-fbi. swat teams combing through homes and businesses, just 20 minutes away from the marathon finish line. a distance of ten miles. that's where police engaged in a shootout that left one of the suspects, the older one, dead. more on that in a moment. but during their last update. police said the man hunt was still ongoing, this from police. >> progressing through the neighborhood, going door-to-door, street-to-street, we're well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there
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we do not have any development to tell you in terms of the such -- of the search up there. there has been no apprehension. >> for the view are just joining us, the investigation took a major leap forward yesterday evening. the fbi released a video ask the pictures of two young men near the site of the deadly blast, 22 hours ago. both suspects carrying backpacks. relativesrelatives and law enfot identified them as brothers. originally from southwest russia, near chechneya. their uncle saying the two had been in the united states for about ten years. and only hours after the fbi images became public, investigators saying that surveillance video captured the younger suspect during a robbery at a local convenience store. that all went down near the campus of m.i.t., bat quarter mile from our location on boylston street. a police officer working the university turned up dead in this patrol car, and those two bombing suspects the apparent
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gunmen in that. [sirens] >> so this was the scene late last night at m.i.t. according to investigators the twodown messenger than carjacked a mercedes-benz with someone inside, eventually releasing him. he was not hurt. got out at a came bridge gas station half hour later. police then say the chase moved to watertown, eight to ten miles down the road earlier this more than. the suspects hurling explosives from inside the mercedes, got into a shootout with police, severely wounding at least one transit officer. that's when police finally captured the older brother, age 26, declared dead at a hospital. but the younger somehow escaped and only hours ago his uncle had a clear message for the suspect on the loose. they say they are wanted and should turn themselves in. that's the latest we have. quick break here. back in a moment live on boylston street here in boston after this.
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back here live in boylston street in boston. the very latest on the man hunt for suspect number two still on the loose in watertown, massachusetts, people have been urged to stay inside throughout the day and if anybody comes to your home, don't answer the door. molly has been staked out at her position since the early, early morning hours, and she is back with us live now, and molly, curious to know, the neighborhood where you are, do you see many people out? are they heeding the warnings? or are people starting to merge? >> you know, for the most part people are heeding heeding the s but every once in a while, just a handful of people, less than ten, on the streets throughout the day. a couple walked by, a couple of folks walked by, walking dogs a little bit. so people are beginning to come out of their homes but for the most part they're not. most people are definitely
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staying inside. one little clarification that the massachusetts state police put out. they say to the media, in earlier reports the statement suspect -- the suspects were in a honda crv just before the carjacking are incorrect. they were actually in a honda civic. it's a 1999 green hon honda vic. they too have the vehicle and are no longer looking at it. and after that the carjacking began. both suspects involved in the carjacking, throughout the course of the carjacking, the suspects throwing bombs and engaging in a gun fight and then as you mentioned the older suspect was killed and the younger suspect now on the loose. and that's where we stand now and why the hunt continues here. >> throughout the day you have watched varying degrees of police activity, sometimes in
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camera view and you have been asked to move out and extend the perimeter. have you seen much police activity? >> we watched -- we have seen a considerable amount of police activity. comes in waves. one minute you think you're in the quietest neighbor and then the next, things pick up a little bit like they are right now. we just saw a fire vehicle, watertown police vehicle go by. a special response team going by, and a watertown police car going by. we have seen police from all over, from states away, new hampshire state police, black law enforcement vehicles from as far as new jersey and vermont in the neighborhood, and that's been throughout the course of the day. you can see people kind of gathering up here. this is the end of the perimeter line. we have seen vehicles come out very quickly, we have seen vehicles go in very, very quickly. i think we might have -- we have some more sirens. i think this is a fire truck
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coming around the corner here in a moment. it is a fire truck indeed. and we have seen this happen a couple times throughout the day. the fire department has been responding to things. [sirens] >> that's actually the first time today we have seen two vehicles from the fire department go by. two engines. we have seen some earlier in the day, and we have seen -- all sorts of heavy equipment going through. tactical gear, as well as tow trucks and on one of the tow trucks, the car involved in the carjacking was actually brought out as evidence, taken away from the scene. the back window blown out, the side window blown out, and a multitude of what appear to be bullets, bullet holes along the side of the vehicle. clearly it had been in quite an altercation, the black mercedes
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sports utility vehicle that was carjacked overnight and resulted in the mdta officer being hospitalized. bill, back to you. >> thank you. molly liner in watertown. there's more news when the police brief again we'll get back to you. the last time they talked was 12:30 local time, about three hours ago. they said they would come back in an hour. that has not happened. that may mean michigan, may mean nothing, but this is what we're seeing in boston on a friday afternoon when normally this bustling american city would be ready for -- well, to get away for the weekend and we would be gearing up for the second rush hour of the day, and the massachusetts turnpike, interstate 90, is virtually deserted. a few cars here and there but not much more than that. normally on a friday afternoon it would be clock-a-block with vehicles trying to get out for the weekend, and the train track to my left, we have not seen a singing commuter train the
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entire day, in a major american city. the trains are stopped. the buses are stopped. some cars trickling back out on the streets but not in great numbers, as our coverage continues on boylston in a moment. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop.
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more breaking news now. during the commercial break two updates. we're on the west end of boylston street. behind me is the finish line. on in the other side of boylston, another area cordoned off and blocked off by metal barricades. it was at that location we were broadcasting tuesday, wednesday, this this week. on that location, near the arlington and boylston intersection, near the arlington
12:26 pm
stop, police in an armored vehicle have shown up there. this place was previously open. pedestrians have been ordered off the sidewalk into the boston common, a well-known park. they're allow nothing pictures. telling everyone to put away their phones and military police have been issued ammunition. we don't know why but we're working to figure it out here a half mile behind me, going into arlington station right now. i see the military police going into the t station, the subway here in boston, armed with the ammunition that i just mentioned there. so, we'll look for thunder -- further news on the other side of boylston. we also got this, this is from the m.i.t. community, recalling the death of sean collier, age 26, works security on the campus of m.i.t., was shot and killed last night between 10:00 and 10:30. we believe by the suspect that had been wanted.
12:27 pm
one dead, one still on the loose. the first statement coming out now, quote, he loved us. and we loved him. he made a big impression in the 15 months since he came to security patrol at m.i.t. he served there since january of 2012. he was single, a native of wilmington, massachusetts. quote, sean really look at police work as a calling. he was born to be a police officer. that from his police chief in and boss coming out moments ago. dead too soon at the age of 26. mike cox is with me. he witnessed the shootout, had stray bullets in this house. mike, good day to you. i imagine this is a day you never thought you would see in your home community of watertown. what did you see specifically last night and what time? >> around 12:30, i went to bed early. around 12:30 i heard what i thought was kids lighting off
12:28 pm
fire cracker tess at the end of the street, then they were louder two or three loud explosions, and i heard a lot of loud -- sounded like rocket fire. then i looked down there and i see like the sky illuminated. then i noticed the car speed down laurel street toward school street, and i later found out that this is the car that the 19-year-old there, got out of the car and went off on foot. that's why they're searching watertown. then i saw 10 or 20 watertown police cars shoot up the street and there was more hollering and more shooting. >> mike, what time was this, again? >> i would say between 12:30 and quarter of 1:00 last night. >> that would line up because he was declared dead at 1:30. now, did you see a body in the street? >> no, i didn't see anything
12:29 pm
like that. >> i see. but you heard bullets. did you also hear explosions, mike? >> i heard three big explosions. as i never heard before. they were really horrific. >> are you in your home now? >> yes, i am. >> you know, police told you to sit still. what did you think about that when you heard that? >> i thought, oh, have something to do with what happened on monday. i said, because i have never seen so much fire power and so many people with -- law ofs with guns on my street in my life. and -- >> at home? >> i'm the owner of the home. i live on the third floor. if have tenants on the second and first floor, and i called my tenants to see if they're okay, and let them know to stay in the house, and my first-floor tenant said a bullet came through their
12:30 pm
wall and hit their tv, and i went down to look, and indeed a bullet had come through the front porch window, across the porch, into the wall, and ricocheted off the tv. another bullet hit the floor on the second floor bedroom, which i sleep above. it didn't come out. got lodged in there. and i guess a corner of my house also got grazed, as well as houses across the street from me. >> i'm counting three bullets in your apartment alone. die have that right? >> correct. >> what did you talk about with your neighbors so far today, mike? >> well, so far i haven't really gone outside. the authorities asked to us stay in the house. with my tenants we were just struck in awe. i'm glad no one was hurt in my house, none of my tenants were hurt and everyone is just
12:31 pm
staying in their house. no one has gone outside. we're trying to cooperate with the -- >> mike? >> -- the officials as best we can. >> i'm happy to say you're okay, mike. stay inside. sit tight. be patient. we'll figure this out. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. thank you for your story. mike, took three bullets inside his apartment last night between 1:30, 12:30, 1:00 in the morning. his story is just one of thousands that could be told here in boston today. and we will tell more when our coverage continues live in boylston street. also, one update now. the police at the other end of boylston that went into the subway stop, apparently they've come out so, so apparently, or perhaps, that situation has been resolved. our coverage continues right after this. it is 3:31 eastern time here in boston, massachusetts.
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>> our continuing coverage of boston. america's 21st city, population just under 700,000, is in virtual lockdown. not quite a ghosttown but you can make the argument on a busy friday afternoon what things would look like on the streets and sidewalks. behind us it's a different scene. it's 3:32 now on the east coast. here is how everything went
12:36 pm
down, starting yesterday at 5:00 eastern time, which was about 23, 22 and a half hours ago. the fbi released pictures of the men they said were behind the bombings, and for the first time they called these two men suspects. within hours it started to unravel. at 10:20 p.m. last night. reports of a robbery near the campus, m.i.t. and cambridge, a quarter mile from our location. ten minutes later, a campus police officer turns up in in his patrol car with several gunshot wounds, later dies, age 26. around the same time police got a report of an armed carjacking in cambridge. the police caught up with the vehicle. the suspects inside a mercedes suv, throwing bombs at police and here is part of what happened there. watch. >> when this was over, police
12:37 pm
announce around 1:30 in the morning one of the suspects was dead. the older brother, the one in the black hat, not clear if police shot him or if he shot himself or blew himself up. officers say he appeared to have shrapnel wounds to his body. that's when it became clear the suspect had got away but the brother was dead and at the hospital when he was declared dead. doctors said there were too many bullets in his body to count in the meantime there was a monster manhunt well underway. the massachusetts governor suspending transportation, warning folks to stay at home and lock their doors in cambridge or watertown. dent let anyone inside that is considered suspicious or does not have an i.d. a million people said to be hunkered down as swat teems go door to door in a hunt for a man who is considered armed and dangerous. chris, we spoke six or seven hours ago.
12:38 pm
losing track slightly of that time. since that time we have not heard much from the white house. there has been no briefing. the president has not made a statement. clearly that is intentional. we do know there's a meeting in the situation room. part of that meeting apparently and part of the players had gone to the white house after a previously scheduled meeting this friday afternoon. i have not heard what is happening on capitol hill with the lawmakers. for that we turn to you in washington now. >> well, one of the things we do know -- and brett bahr has some senior congressional sources who told them people in the intelligence community indicated they very much want to try to capture this fellow dzhokar tsarnev alive for obvious reasons. they can learn loot more about why they did this, whether there are connections to anybody else, either in this country or in another country, and if there are any other explosives, where they and are how they can be
12:39 pm
diffused. on the other hand you have to figure if you're a policeman in watertown or cambridge, going door-to-door, you have a policeman who has been killed, three people at the marathon have been killed. another policeman who has been grievously wounded, a fellow who indicated he has gun and also that he has explosives. i can't imagine you're going to take too many chances if you come face-to-face with dzhokar tsarnev but they want to figure out what was involved here, why these two fell lows apparently were involved -- the two brothers -- in the marathon bombing. was this domestic terrorism? was there some international connection as you report all day? the older brother, tamerlan, had gone to russia for several months. did he make connections there with al qaeda or islamic radicals? or chechenables or whatever.
12:40 pm
so there are unanswered questions, and they would like to answer them so they can put this case to rest. >> the people in boston and the area of newton and cambridge and watertown, how they're processing this information and when they can get their town back and their lives back. we just received this e-mail alert. this is the first time i received one of these and i've been here five days. channel: extreme threat alert message. i don't know hough they got my e-mail. shelter in police still in effect. shelter in place means you stay where you are. does not prevent employees from huroning home and that's from the massachusetts emergency management agency. mema. this is clearly an effort, chris, for authorities to notify the public, based on the information they feel they need to know, and that is really been an effort since monday afternoon, and some would argue they have been mow successful at
12:41 pm
times than others but they're employing every means possible to keep the public in the loop, and in part i think how much they have leaned on the public for tips and information throughout the week. this is really a relationship that works hand in hand between the public and these folks trying to solve this crime. >> absolutely. it's a lot easier for police, as they go door-to-door in watertown and cambridge ex-if there aren't people on the street. if this suspect, dzhokar, cannot blend in with a caught of people. but i think a lot of us suspected they would wrap this case up hours ago when they were going door-to-door and we saw the video of armored personnel carriers and people with guns drawn. might have a standoff situation. but we're now, what, 14 hours since the gun battle ended in watertown. how long are they going to be ability to get people to stay in
12:42 pm
shelter in place. the weekend starts. they cancelled the bruins game for tonight. they've cancelled the red sox game for tonight, which are big events in boston. both scheduled for tomorrow. how long in effect is the town going to be held hostage. people want to protect -- want to help the police, but how long does this go on they stay inside their houses? >> chris, if i could quickly, how do you hope to advance the story on sunday? this is -- one of those stories that develops on its own. and maybe it's every five minutes or every 15 minutes but seeps to take its own path and channel. >> we have a lot of people booked but it's interesting because on the one hand obviously i'm interested in following it on a minute-by-minute basis as you are, and i have to say you have done a terrific job. you were on when i got up and you're still on and aow jury
12:43 pm
yeoman's job you have dump we're taking the long view, what is important on sunday. we have booked dianne feinstein, the head of the intelligence commitee. any kind of foreign connections here, to chechneya or islamic rebels. peter king, the chairman of the house terror subcommittee. so, a lot of questions to be asked and we hope for answer by sunday. >> chris wallace reporting in washington. out of washington, fox news is told that all electronic traffic associated with the brothers are now being combed, quote-unquote, including the youtube sites we mentioned throughout the after attributed to the suspect which included radical islamist videos and prop began damp. we'll have more on the investigation of that. back to the streets of watertown, massachusetts, three hours ago we were told they had combed 60-70% of the area.
12:44 pm
clearly must be much higher than that. the question remains do they have their guy or did he slip the noose again? 1-800-call-fbi. or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there.
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ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> here live in boston, three hours and 45 minutes until the sun sets in this great american city. it's been largely speculated the reason why there was a tip-off last night is because when night fell the two suspects felt they had to make a move. and if that is the case it's possible that suspect number two is lying low, until the nighttime comes again. 7:30 p.m. local time the sun sets here. i mentioned before the break, katherine herridge working sources about web sites. bath to catherine now with the latest on the intelligence she is is gathering from her sources in washington, dc. hello. >> thank you, bill. fox news understands all the electronic traffic associated with the brothers is being
12:48 pm
scoured, including the youtube sites which included islamic propaganda. we now have the third source confirming to us that all travel records are being reviewed and the older brother was out of the nuss early 2012 for a period of prolonged period of time to russia. this is of investigative interest because the fbi is working to understand when the l the brothers or one of the brothers had foreign training or was directed by a foreign terrorist organization. fox news is told that the bombmaker who made the devices would have needed practice to build a device with a viable detonator. fox news also understands investigators are eager to execute warrants at the residences associated with the suspects and to review their computers but this is being approached with extreme caution, given the potential after this week's explosion they left
12:49 pm
booby-traps after wards. no final determines has been made. there's no evidence supporting the brothers were acting on behalf of the chechneyan cause, and there is a guide on the internet how to build this type of bomb. and the information seems to be very locked down, bill, locked in, in the sense it's fluid and locked down in the sense they don't want to get it wrong, either, bill. >> now, understood clearly. inspire magazine founded by by an american born radical -- catherine, do you have any information yet on what might be happening overseas? specifically in russia? >> i don't at this time, pill.
12:50 pm
>> when you're talking about sources trying to put together this electronic fingerprint and we talked about the forensic science. have they been able to advance that much or has that been put on hold, known you named two suspects and you want to apprehend them because that becomes the priority. >> the investigation has been moving on several parallel tracks. there's been what i would call the video and the images and then the social media track we discussed yesterday. now we have an active man hunt and that has taken precedence over everything else, and then you have a separate track which is the forensics on the bomb itself. the forensics track can move very independently from what is going on in boston today. and as we reported this week, the bomb components themselves are relatively intact, which has allowed them to make good identifications on some of the components, bill. >> catherine, thank you.
12:51 pm
bath to catherine when she gets more. in the meantime, here in massachusetts you have one m.i.t. officer dead. another officer wounded, being treated for what's considered critical wounds. h arthritis pai. and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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12:54 pm
massachusetts police say they have several new leads but they need more time. more time to scour the neighborhood, or the community of watertown, massachusetts, population 30,000. those people told to stay indoors today. and we're live in the town at a media staging center. there have not been many updates. eric, what it happening this hour? >> with got the same message you got. an extreme threat alert, from the massachusetts emergency management agency. you have to think that a million people in the boston area are
12:55 pm
getting this on their e-mail right now. a shelter in place still in effect. dot not prevent employees from returning home. if you're at work they want you to go home and stay there if you're at home, stay there and lock the door. the severity is extreme and the urgency is immediate and this will not change until dzhokar is caught or killed. they're pursuing a variety of leads in the search for him in watertown. this is where the carjacking ended last night amid gunfire and ieds thrown from the car amid gunfire. they don't know exactly where he is, obviously, perhaps if he is wounded. they're going door-to-door, house best house, in a 20-block area as they have been since overnight. the governor patrick issued this repeated warning to the people of the area. >> it is important that folks remain indoors and not open the door -- keep the doors locked and not open the doors.
12:56 pm
>> with the reports that dzhokar and his brother may have been radicalized by posting radical videos on the internet. there are questions how that could happen and what happened? that's all part of the investigation. especially when you consider the way that people described dzhokar when he was here in high school. he attended the cambridge lions school. classmates tell me he was a normal guy. completely shocked by this and they say that they're just taken aback, that he enjoyed wrestling and sports but hadn't seen him for about a year. he had been enrolled in the university of massachusetts dartmouth campus. that locked down and evacuated today. the search continues. back to you. >> eric sean, watertown, massachusetts. you have to think we're just scratching scratching the surface for what we'll learn about the two men. we went out and asked people a simple question:
12:57 pm
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